Writing in the 21st Century

October 2nd, 2014
65-6569-EP72100Z.jpgYears ago, in Hollywood, someone once remarked that the amount of bad screenplay writing increased with the advent of the copy machine.  The same claim was later made when word processing and screenwriting software came along.

The fact is there is a lot of bad writing that goes on in many arenas.  Today much of the blame gets heaped on email, or texting, or technology, or just “kids today.”   The real issues are more nuanced, more complex, and not quite as rigid as some might wish.

These are some of the conclusions of Harvard Professor Steven Pinker in his new book The Sense of Style: The Thinking Persons Guide to Writing in the 21st Century.

My conversation with Steven Pinker: 

Gratitude & Trust

October 1st, 2014
i.2.Williams_Jackson-164%2B(1).jpgThe world is a crazy place.  Everyday here we talk about all the forces that are impacting us, making life more complex, confusing and making so many people less sure of who they are, how they fit in, and whether the decisions they make lead them in the right direction.

Sure, many people want to change their lives.  But for others, it’s simply a matter of trying to find true north.  Of seeing the guide posts or the modern day yellow brick road that will lead to a sense of certainty and security.

For many that road is about Gratitude and Trust, the title of a new book by Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson.

My conversation with Paul Williams and Tracey Jackson:
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