How to really create a culture of innovation

April 15th, 2014
swtich+innovation+culture.jpgIn almost every way, today's workplace is very different than the world of Mad Men.  Yet one thing seems to be consistent. The nexus between the culture of an organization and its performance, is direct and powerful.

But what constitutes that culture, and how can it be changed?  It’s ironic that corporate culture often seems both immutable and fragile.  One jerk can seemingly ruin it, and yet CEO’s often spend whole careers trying to change it.  How can both be true?

We look inside organizational culture, not in a Dilbertesque way, but through the eyes of dozens of leaders and CEO that have talked with Adam Bryant, the creator of the “Corner Office” feature in The New York Times and the author of   Quick and Nimble: Lessons from Leading CEOs on How to Create a Culture of Innovation.

My conversation with Adam Bryant:

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