It is more dangerous than ever to be a war corespondent. That never bothered Marie Colvin

December 27th, 2013
We often hear career counselors and teachers talking to young people about following their passion. Obviously good advice. But for some, that passion comes with a price.  For esteemed war correspondent Marie Colvin, that passion, her desire to bear witness to the horrors of war would cost her her life.  The same is true for British reporter and photographer Paul Conroy.  He was with Colvin in Syria in early 2012 when they would come under fire in the city of Homs

A rocket would kill Colvin and seriously wound Conroy.  As Syrian ground forces closed in on his position, Conroy was forced to make a terrifying last-ditch attempt to escape from a regime that appeared determined to murder him. He did escape, and has written  Under the Wire: Marie Colvin's Final Assignment.

My conversation with Paul Conroy:
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