Minerva Schools at KGI

October 30th, 2013
Higher education, like so much else in education is beginning to change.  While the American higher education system is the envy of the word, it still needs some modernization. 

Just like other form of education, it has remained pretty much the same throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st.   Think about it.  100+ years of creative destruction has impacted virtually every aspect of society, but University education has not fully adapted.

It has started to. First by addressing that we live in confusing times.  Our personal connections and our world is becoming both more bifurcated and more interdependent, both a the same time.  We need to understand each other better, but we also need to understand the wider world much better. So what kind of higher education do we need to try and square this circle?

Former US Senator and former head The New School, Bob Kerrey, is a key part of the new Minerva School at KGI.  

My conversation with Senator Bob Kerrey:
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