The Killing of the Creative Class

January 8th, 2015
event-main-1080-CultureCrashSHARP-3401.jLong before radio, I spent years in Hollywood.  This was just as the Word Processor and the high volume copy machine were taking hold.  When those things came along, everyone joked that screenwriting software and easy access to copying machines would lower the quality of screenplays.  Little did those jokesters know, that was just the beginning.

Not only did the medium become the message, it subsumed the message.  The medium, the technology, the process in fact became the creative endeavor.  Today it’s Apps and coding and creative destruction.  

And yes, technology makes life better, cheaper, faster and sometimes does allow more time for creativity.  But is there something we have lost in the process?

Without getting stuck in the tired morass of, "the old days were better," is there some objective thing we have lost in our culture, in our selves or  in our intellectual DNA?

Former LA Times arts and culture reporter Scott Timberg takes up these issues and more in Culture Crash: The Killing of the Creative Class.

My conversation with Scott Timberg:  
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