Up Close and Personal with Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

October 29th, 2020

Sherrod_Brown_NDAA_1088x725-700x470.jpgThe United States Senate was once considered the world’s greatest deliberative body. As we witnessed in the first presidential debate, it’s entirely possible that honest debate in America is actually dead. And why should we assume that the US Senate is any different?

But rather than coming to mourn what once was, perhaps by summoning up the history of some of those senators who once infused the body with all that made it and the country great, we can almost by sheer force of will create an environment that might let it bloom once again. After all, isn’t that why we study history, why we visit monuments and capitals and museums. So that we might take with us, in some primal and visceral way, the inspiration of the best that came before and integrate it into doing good today?

In part, this is what US Senator Sherrod Brown, does in his new book, Desk 88. 

My WhoWhatWhy conversation with Sen. Sherrod Brown


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