Witchy Woman - Salem 1682

November 13th, 2015
19068474-mmmain.jpgWe think we know a lot about American history. About the events that shaped the formation of the republic. And while that knowledge might get you an audition for Jeopardy, at its roots sometimes, it's also true that everything we think we know is wrong.  

Essentially what that means, and maybe it's even a factor in what’s gone so wrong today, is that we tend to know only surface.  That when we drill down to historical events, only then do we find that the facts, the nuances, the subtlety and the psychology are what really matters. This is what 
really makes up the historical ripples we are living with today.

This is the story of the Salem Witch Trials, as told now by Pulitzer Prize winning historian Stacy Schiff.  She won the Pulitzer for her book Cleopatra, and now she pivots to 1692 Salem to bring us The Witches: Salem, 1692

My conversation with Stacy Schiff: 
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