America Is No Longer A Serious Nation: My conversation with Tom Nichols:

August 24th, 2021
image1-21-1440x600.jpegAlmost everywhere in the world, liberal democracy is, if not under siege, or at least being tested. Only in rare historical times have would-be autocrats found such fertile ground. But why? 
The world's and yes, America’s standard of living is rising overall. As Steven Pinker has pointed out, crime and violence is down. The census tells us that diversity is naturally occurring and technology has made life easier. While we are not perfect, the arc of history is bending towards justice. And yet we’re angrier, more frustrated, and more willing to buy snake oil than ever before. 
We’re quick to cast blame. Quick to believe anything that fits our preconceived narrative, and each side has its Boogeyman and Straw-man. But what if the answer to these problems is not out there? What if Cassius was right? — that the fault is not in our stars, but in ourselves. 
This is what Tom Nichols explores in his new work Our Own Worst Enemy: The Assault from within on Modern Democracy 
My WhoWhatWhy conversation with Tom Nichols:
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