Change or perish in education…How to build a better teacher

August 28th, 2014
south_park_.jpgAlmost every aspect of our culture and economy has been touched by technology and creative destruction. Still, three areas have lagged behind, and all three are beginning to be addressed and changed.  They are finance, healthcare and education.

Although incumbents still rule in healthcare and finance, the ground is beginning to shift.  But in education, less so.  The very fact that we are still debating the merits and sanctity of practices that date to the agrarian age, is telling.

But change is happening.  Throughout the country small individual efforts are being made.  Efforts that reexamine the questions at the very foundation of learning of understanding and putting knowledge to use. 

One thing that hasn’t changed, is that teachers are still on the front lines.  For them too, it will be change or perish.   

Elizabeth Green takes a deep look into this change, in Building a Better Teacher: How Teaching Works.

My conversation with Elizabeth Green:
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