Do statins do more harm than good?

December 28th, 2013
Recently you’ve probably heard that the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association are seeking to expand the use of statins.  Cholesterol lowering drugs, that some have said should be put in our water supply.  But really how safe are these drugs? Are their benefits all they are cracked up to be and what’s the nexus with the fact that they also happen to be the worlds best selling drug and the biggest tool in enhancing big pharma's profits?

Why have doctors, even those that don’t stand to benefit from those profits, been so smitten with this class of drugs; drugs that have been linked to severe muscle pain, neuropathy, diabetes, memory loss, sexual dysfunction and even Lou Gehrig's disease?

Dr. Barbara Roberts, an associate clinical professor at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University,  has been trying to put put her finger in the dam of big pharma and trying and bring some reason to the debate.  She does so in her book The Truth About Statins: Risks and Alternatives to Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs.

My conversation with Dr. Barbara Roberts:
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