Oswald acted alone…

November 21st, 2013
If the assassination of a President took place today, we’d all know about it in a matter of seconds.  Alerts, tweets, the Internet.  We’d all have the same facts, literally in an instant.  In a way that microsecond information impacts the way we process the news itself.

50 years ago, upon the assassination of JFK, this was not the case.  The information came out slowly.  Even on the streets of Dallas, news traveled by word of mouth, from person to person.  
Bit by bit, drop by drop we lived the story over four remarkable days.  The events, the images, the sounds had time to be absorbed into our pores, in a way that made it a part of our fabric, of the DNA of the American experience.

Perhaps that’s why those events, 50 years ago, still resonate so powerfully today. Now bestselling author James Swanson turns a laser like focus on the minute by minute events of the final days of our 35th president in End of Days: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

My conversation with James Swanson: