The Brain’s Way

February 2nd, 2015
images.jpegImagine a machine that can rewire itself, finds its own way to work around non working circuits, heal its own bugs and viruses, find and adapt to new sources of energy and know when it needs repair and attention.

No, it’s not the latest product from Silicon Valley, it is the human brain.  The recent discoveries about the brains ability to adapt,  its neuroplasticity, have truly redefined how we imagine the brain and how we treat it in the face of disease and trauma.

Someday, it may also lead us full circle to better design and development of artificial intelligence and machines that might actually mimic the amazing abilities of the brain.

At the cutting edge of all of this is the work of Dr. Norman Doidge, the author of The Brain's Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity

My conversation with Dr. Norman Doidge:  

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