The Myth of the Perfect Girl

January 30th, 2013

Twenty years ago we were engaged in a great national effort to make sure that girls were not left behind. From the travails of Ophelia to the full implementation of Title IX, we knew we wanted our daughters to have it all.

Well, as the saying goes, beware of what you wish for. Today girls are succeeding at every level. The majority of college and law school graduates are women. And while the glass ceiling still exists, progress continues unabated.

But what price for teen girls that now have new found expectations: To excel in school, in sports and in their social lives. In short, the pressure to be perfect. Ana Homayoun takes up this perfection in her book The Myth of the Perfect Girl: Helping Our Daughters Find Authentic Success and Happiness in School and Life

My conversation with Ana Homayoun:

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