The Purpose Economy

May 14th, 2014
purpose-economy.jpgFor the majority of the  boomer generation, and generations that preceded it, work was mostly an obligation. A way of earning one's way in the world, a way of  paying for the perceived American dream.  

Today that’s changed. Today the work itself is often the object.  For millennials, the work must have purpose.  It must be fulfilling in its own right, and the efforts, even if it’s just a  small part of the whole,  must contribute to something bigger.  Today, rather than the artificial construct of work/ life balance, work and life are merging into a seamless self actualized effort.

This is not just a psychological observation.  In fact, this direction coupled with the growing  information economy, is changing the very fabric of economic exchange.  It’s creating what Aaron Hurst calls The Purpose Economy.

My conversation with Aaron Hurst: 
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